NPCS Values

  • Equality: We value and respect all without discrimination based on caste, religion, wealth, status, ethnicity or gender.
  • Integrity: We seek to be truthful. We require honesty in handling goods and money and responsibility in fulfilling our duties.
  • Participation: We believe in enabling people to share in the processes of decision-making that affect them, thereby empowering them to be more effective in improving their lives. In these interactions, we all give and we all receive, we all teach and we all learn.
  • Groups of special concern: We give special priority to the poor, the vulnerable and the oppressed, marginalized group, women and children.
  • Cultural sensitivity: We seek to live and work in ways that are culturally sensitive and appropriate in Nepal that has such a rich diversity of customs and traditions where we teach, recognizing the diversity of peoples, communities and environment.
  • Sensitivity to the natural environment (Eco-friendly): We value the conservation and enhancement of the environment, recognizing that all humans, animals and plants exist in an intricate dependency upon each other and upon all that sustains them.
  • Neutral: We seek to work and support government activities without any political affiliation.

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