About Us

Who We Are

In a country that continues to struggle with poverty, under-development and related ill-health, Nutrition Promotion and Consultancy Service (NPCS) is a Nepali organisation that works to enrich the lives of Nepalis with better nutrition.

The organisation is focused on the capacity building of personnel and organisations, as well as target communities, in nutrition. The organisation identifies nutrition problems, formulates plans, implements, and manages nutrition activities through its networking, training, support and field activities as well as publishing and distributing IEC materials which are used throughout the country. The organisation also conducts research studies to assess nutrition problems in communities, as well as contributing to the development of national nutrition policy.

History of NPCS

Nutrition Promotion and Consultancy Service (NPCS) was established in 2003 as a successor to United Mission to Nepalís (UMN) pioneering Nutrition Programme.

It is founded on more than 35 years of experience conducting community-level nutrition projects throughout Nepal and is recognized by the government as a major partner in initiating programmes to address the problem of malnutrition.

  • 1964: United Mission to Nepal (UMN)ís nutrition work starts in Shanta Bhawan hospital
  • 1972: UMN expands nutrition work into its Community Health Programme in Lalitpur district, as well as advising and consulting on projects throughout the country.
  • 1992: Establishment of UMNís Nutrition Programme, a discrete programme with Nepali leadership.
  • 2003: Formation & registration of the Nepali NGO "Nutrition Promotion and Consultancy Services" (NPCS), an independent staff-owned successor to UMN Nutrition Programme.

NPCS Vision

The formation of well-nourished societies throughout Nepal
(ie. free of nutrition problems & disorders).

NPCS Mission

To improve the nutritional status of children and women through positive change in nutritional behaviour.

This will be achieved through:

We respect each individual without any discrimination based on caste, religion, wealth, status, or gender. We give special attention to the poor, marginalized, women and children.

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