NPCS Organisational Structure

NPCS is affiliated with the Nepal Governmentís Social Welfare Council, affiliation no. 15360, and as such complies with the Government of Nepalís rules and legislation regarding the structure and function of non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

NPCS was registered with Lalitpur District Administration Office, organisation registration no. 131/1562/059 in 2003.

Governance structure:

NPCS Central-level Staff

Staff Structure:

NPCS Advisory Committee:

Dr. Ramesh Adhikari, Paediatrician, Professor at Institute of Medicine, Nepal.

Mrs. Sharada Pandey, Monitoring & Supervision Administrator, Ministry of Health, Nepal.

Mr. Bal Krishna Maharjan, Chief of Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal, Nepal.

Miriam Krantz, Nutritionist, Nepal.

Deirdre Zimmerman, Nutritionist/Dietitian, Nepal.

Vicki Yong, Nutritionist/Dietitian, Australia.