Community Projects

Starting in 1993, UMN Nutrition Programme’s community-based work was conducted through their District Training Programmes as per an agreement with His Majesty’s Government of Nepal - Ministry of Health, Child Health Division. The programmes involved a combination of nutrition training for District Health staff plus other nutrition activities implemented directly by UMN-Nutrition Programme's field staff in a group of 5-6 target VDCs, as agreed with the District Health Office.
After completing 5 years of the District Training Programme in 4 districts, UMN Nutrition Programme sought to work more directly with mothers at the community level and maximize community involvement in nutrition interventions so as to sustain the programme's impact. Therefore, the concept of the Community Nutrition Project was developed in 1999.

With the establishment of the new staff-owned organisation, Nutrition Promotion and Consultancy Service (NPCS) took over the previous work of UMN's Nutrition Programme and has been running all activities of the programme independently. The Community Nutrition Project concept further evolved into what is now known as Community Nutrition Initiative, and was conducted in 5 districts. In 2006 a new project called Capacity Building of Health Workers for Nutrition Support was initiated under agreement with Nepal Government’s Ministry of Health, and has been carried out in 5 districts.

Although their emphases vary, all of these projects focus on improving nutrition through training, awareness-raising and behaviour change, with staff living and working alongside target communities. Research is conducted in project areas into the level and causes of malnutrition.

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