Community-Level Project Activities

Major activities implemented in community-level nutrition projects include:

  1. Baseline and endline surveys to assess nutrition status knowledge, attitude and practices.

  2. Group meetings to identify, analyse and address their nutrition issues.

  3. Nutrition trainings and demonstrations for community groups (eg. mothers, mother-in-laws) and for local health staff, other community workers, volunteers, and school teachers.

  4. Establishment of local growth monitoring groups amongst mothers of small children.

  5. Identification and referral of malnourished and micronutrient-deficient women and children.

  6. Establishment of home-based rehabilitation for the treatment of child malnutrition.

  7. Nutrition classes for students at local schools.

  8. Integration with other health and agricultural community activities.

  9. Health baby competitions and celebration of national nutrition-related events and days (eg. World Breastfeeding Week).

  10. Working with local leaders and government for the promotion and support of nutrition activities.

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