Pamphlets & Miscellaneous Resources

All pamphlets and resources are in Nepali language.

Diabetes and Your Diet: 4 page leaflet giving dietary guidelines for those with diabetes.
4 Nrs

Lower Your Blood Pressure, Protect Your Heart: 4 page leaflet giving advice on lifestyle measures to control blood pressure, including weight control, reducing fat intake, and low salt diet.
4 Nrs

Nutrition Handbook
16 Nrs

Nutrition Information Flipchart *
175 Nrs

Nutrition Information Hanging Chart
14 Nrs

Protein Energy Malnutrition: Small handbook describing signs, symptoms and treatment of various types of malnutrition. 24 Nrs

Nutrition for Pregnant Women *: Colour pamphlet 17 Nrs

Good Nutrition for School Children…For a Bright Future *: Pamphlet aimed at school children’s needs. 11 Nrs

The Importance of Good Nutrition for Adolescent Girls *: Small handbook on the nutrition needs of this important group. 28 Nrs

Mid-upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) Tape: 3-coloured (green, yellow, red) tape for measuring a child’s MUAC, giving a simple and immediate assessment of their nutritional status. 40 Nrs

"Let no one be malnourished": Audio cassette of a specially written Nepali folksong explaining how to prevent malnutrition in children. 80 Nrs

Child Nutrition *: Video cassette teaching good nutrition for children within the Nepali context and using local foods. 175 Nrs

Laminated Photos: A large variety of laminated photos, in both black&white and colour,are available for use in nutrition trainings and demonstrations.
7" x 9" 115 Nrs
8" x 12" 135 Nrs

* Produced by NPCS in collaboration with Ministry of Health, Nepal Government.


Reports & Books

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Prices are subject to change without notice.