All posters are in the Nepali language and are printed in colour.
Poster sizes vary at 15-19" x 22-25". Prices are quoted in Nepali rupees.

The Three Food Groups Needed for Health
20 Nrs

Let’s Protect Ourselves and Others from Anaemia

Vitamin A: Information poster with pictures. 18 Nrs

"Jwaano": Large poster (18 x 25") plus complimentary leaflet. 24 Nrs
Leaflet only: 6 Nrs
(Promoting the use of the ‘omum’ seed to increase lactation in breastfeeding mothers and for good calcium intake in all groups).

Food for Pregnant and Lactating Women
16 Nrs

The Benefits of Breastfeeding
… The Dangers of Bottlefeeding
17 Nrs

Aswell as Breastmilk, Nutritious Weaning Foods from 5-6 months
17 Nrs

"Sarbottam Pitho": How to make the nutritious weaning food ‘Super flour’, using soyabean, wheat and maize.
16 Nrs

Food and Love for a Healthy Life and a Bright Future: Showing the successful treatment of children suffering from severe malnutrition
14 Nrs

Pamphlets & Misc

Reports & Books

For more information on, or to order any of these resources, please contact the NPCS office.

Prices are subject to change without notice.